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Friday, 28 October 2011


Alhamdulillah..its been almost a year since I started baking & caking.. then came up with Cuppyness By Izz (thanks luv).. I'm busier now than ever before. I just loooooove baking although I've never taken any baking classes, I like to experiment & try new & different recipes all the time..it astounds me daily, and it means more to me than u could ever know..there were times I was discouraged, screaming tantrums at my sunken cupcakes, & I might have given up if it weren’t for the unbelievable gratification of sharing..no matter how much things have changed since then, that satisfaction from handing out cakes or watching my families clear their plates is what propels my passion.. ;) think of glorious cakes & sweet things & all the world's troubles will go away! Wishing all of u a weekend (and more) of love, cake & sprinkles! insyaAllah!

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